About Doctor Sadaf


Let me start by saying I am not a regular therapist, I am a cool therapist. I am a late millennial, which means I believe technology can be an ally and convenience is everything. That is why I have adapted a new approach: Therapy, on your terms. This looks like:

1) Tech-based Access: Sessions can be done via video messaging, audio phone calls, and text messaging* in order to ensure access and convenience.

2) Ample Availability: Sessions can be scheduled Monday through Sunday** and can start from early morning to late evening. 

3) Face to Face in your Space: My office will be wherever you choose. I want you to be in your own space, so if you decide to participate in a face-to-face session, we will decide on a location that is convenient and comfortable for you. This can include your home, a park, or a walk up a hill if you'd like. 

* applicable only in CA

**holidays and exclusions may apply


My private practice specializes in burnout and high stress.  If you are going through a period of serious stress, feel burned out at work or home, and can't see a way out... I am your person.  I will show you the way through.  Academically, I spent the last year taking a deep look into burnout and how to understand this phenomenon (see link below). Burnout and high stress often co-occur with anxiety, depression,  irritability, and feelings of low self-worth.  What I learned is that burnout may have amazing gifts and offers great opportunity for growth and understanding. With this insight, I can help you learn to embrace burnout, repurpose your stress, improve your anxiety/depression,  and have life feeling good again. I will also do this while making you chuckle a time or three, as I am quite funny. Seriously, I am. 

If we meet and decide you need more than what I can offer, I have a number of really great colleagues in the area that are one referral away.


Going to therapy is a huge step, and it's really hard to read a therapist and see if they will be a good fit for you. I want to make that a little easier for you, so here are some facts about me.

I am originally from Northern California, but have become an OC native.

I am obsessed with my dog (he's a Cavapoo) and he holds all memory space in my phone.  

I am the oldest child, and the oldest grandchild in my family. 

I can watch The Office and Chopped all day, everyday.

I read  about 2 books a week (psychological fiction novels mostly).

I don't  care for sports, but GO WARRIORS.

I enjoy a good laugh, in and out of sessions.



Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #107628

Board of Behavioral Sciences, CA

Doctor of Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy/ Counseling

Alliant International University, CA

Master of Arts, Marriage and Family Therapy/ Counseling

Alliant International University, CA

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

University of the Pacific, CA